Influence Of Perceived Teacher Acceptance-Rejection On Study Habits And Achievement Of School Students


  • Dr. Muniza Malik Assistant Professor Dept of psychology, University of Sindh
  • Dr. Ameer Ali Buriro University of sindh,Jamshoro.Pakistan
  • Dr. Zohra Khatoon Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Technical Education, Faculty of Education, University of Sindh



Teacher Acceptance-Rejection, Study Habits, Low Achievers, High Achievers


This study was conducted to analyze the impact of teacher acceptance or rejection on the study habits and academic achievement of school students. The sample of two hundred students of the tenth class was recruited from the Government schools of Hyderabad city. The age of the participants was 15-17 years. Data were collected after taking permission from the school administration and parents. Study habits inventory (SHAI) and teacher acceptance-rejection scale (TARQ) was administered to the participants. It was assumed that perceived teacher acceptance-rejection would be correlated significantly with the study habits of the participants. Further assumed that low academic achievers would score higher on teacher aggression, neglect and rejection as compared to high academic achievers. Gender differences in the perceived teacher acceptance-rejection were also assumed. Results indicated a significant negative relationship between teacher aggression, neglect, rejection and study habits of the students. Low academic achievers perceived teachers as more neglected and aggressive as compared to high achievers. High academic achievers perceived more teacher warmth and less neglect than low achievers. Gender differences also found in terms of teacher acceptance-rejection, female school students perceived more teacher’s warmth, whereas boys perceived teachers as more controlling than the girls. These findings are helpful to understand the importance of the role of the teacher during schooling specifically. The implication of the findings pointed out the importance of teacher training at the school level especially to make them better able to build a strong and positive relationship with students because it, in turn, influences the study attitudes and achievement level of students. 




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Malik , D. M. ., Buriro, D. A. A. ., & Dr. Zohra Khatoon. (2021). Influence Of Perceived Teacher Acceptance-Rejection On Study Habits And Achievement Of School Students. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 21(1), 63–76.