Community Development And Awareness Raising In Selected Slum Areas Of Karachi Regarding Education, Health And Nutrition


  • Dua-e-Rehma Centre of Excellence for Women’s Studies University of Karachi
  • Dr. Seema Manzoor Centre of Excellence for Women's Studies, University of Karachi
  • Dr. Sadia Barrech Department of Social Work, University of Balochistan.



Community Development, Participatory Approaches, Poverty Reduction,, Education, Health and Nutrition.


This research paper aimed to gain further knowledge regarding the relationship between community development, education, health and nutrition. The main objective of this research is to help the slum community to explore the processes involved in tackling social issues within the community. Globally the scenario is changing as developing nations are focusing more on poverty reduction and community development, because it is now considered as the root cause of all social issues. Therefore, it is needed to evaluate the intensity of issues in order to develop effective policies and development programs to reach the SDG goals. Unstructured face-to-face interviews were conducted in selected slum areas to educate people by using educational action research for maintaining their standard of living in regard to education, health and nutrition. The main purpose of this paper was to involve respondents as research participants in order to mobilize them for future development processes within the community. Two slum areas (Ghazi Goth and Bilawal Jokhio Goth) of diverse cultures and infrastructure were selected as the population of the study. Qualitative research method was chosen to conduct in-depth study through observation and case study method. The research findings indicate that poverty is the basic issue, which needs to be addressed on priority basis, for this purpose encouraging, supporting and enabling individuals within the community can raise the awareness level by involving them through easy access to opportunities. Participants from local community can empower their own community people, because they are well aware of their culture and community issues.




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Rehma, D.- e-., Manzoor, S. ., & Barrech, S. (2020). Community Development And Awareness Raising In Selected Slum Areas Of Karachi Regarding Education, Health And Nutrition. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 11(2), 79–100.