About the Journal


The Journal is focused on the development of the knowledge of Social sciences by providing an intellectual platform for the national and international scholars to showcase their research work. It includes analytical review of researches, case studies, theoretical articles pertaining to social sciences research, evaluation studies and diverse research studies that contribute to the discipline of social sciences.


The journal publishes research papers in the fields such as Anthropology, Business studies, Communication studies, Criminology, Cross-cultural studies, Development studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Information science, International relations, Law, Linguistics, Library science, Media studies, Methodology, Philosophy, Political science, Population Studies, Psychology, Public administration, Sociology, Religious studies, Women studies and any other studies lying in the domain of Social Sciences.

Publication Frequency

It is biannually as well as bilingual published journal. Paper is immediately published after getting approval from reviewers. Author can see the current status (submission is under process, under review, accepted etc.) of paper anytime on website.