Women's Participation in Media Campaign in the Light of Sharia


  • Dr.Muhammad Ishaq Department of Islamic Learning, University of Karachi
  • Dr. Syed Mohsin Ali Department of Islamic Learning, University of Karachi




Media, Advertisement Campaigns, Women Participation, Islam


People use different promotional tools to promote their products and services so that other people come to know about those products and services and their benefits. For this promotion,both print and electronic media are very important tools nowadays. The world is on its peak, people are developed and have become modern thinkers and so did the media. The media has made it a point to the people of this world that we are your need and you will only develop more by using us and avoiding the media will prove harmful for you.It is worth noticing that participation and involvement of females in these promotional campaigns is also considered as very important. Whereas, females have nothing to do with the promotion of a product or service and the objectives of a promotional campaign can also be achieved without their involvement in it. Islam has given clear orders for females to cover themselves and appear modest at all times. The temptation of unnecessary involvement of females with males in social activities has been condemned in the teachings of Islam. In the light of these orders by Al Mighty ALLAH, the participation and involvement of females in the promotional campaigns of products and services will be totally against the spirit of Islam. This is because these promotional campaigns use a female's facial and physical beauty to sell a product or service, which spreads moral and ethical corruption in the society. Therefore, this is a condemnable act in the light of teachings of Islam and it must be avoided.




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Ishaq, M. ., & Ali, S. M. (2016). Women’s Participation in Media Campaign in the Light of Sharia. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 4(1), 23–39. https://doi.org/10.46568/pjass.v4i1.468