Social Work Practice with Local Communities in Balochistan: Essential for Political Engagement


  • Dr. Siraj Bashir Department of Social Work, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Muhammad Faisal Zia Department of Social Work, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Prof. Dr. Naheed Abrar Ex. Chairperson, Department of Social Work, Federal Urdu University of Arts Science & Technology, Abdul Haq Campus Karachi, Pakistan.



Social work, Local communities, Political engagement, Balochistan


The article argues a variety of characteristics of social work, wide community practice movements, and necessities for political engagement in local communities in Balochistan. Drawing on secondary knowledge and also the author's observations and analysis on community development in Balochistan, it highlights a question: do social work practice in local communities typically, and notably through political engagement? The analysis shows wide community practice movements in Balochistan and argues that social  work and their profession are practically absent in local communities, and after they are thus engaged, most of them don't interact politically. Insight of local communities’ backgrounds and people’s depressing circumstances, the very important for social work to interact politically in community practice are mentioned. These are as follows: holding to values social work practice with communities, creating access and gaining acceptance, awareness-raising and capability building, difficult artful and oppressive community power structures, and make certain property community development. Finally, it's argued that too with success address these necessities, social work might have to alter its non-political and non-religious unbiased stand, wherever appropriate. In several conditions, social workers have to be compelled to specialize in the profession’s basic values and principles and keenly interact with local politics and power structures so on improving the living conditions of individuals and local communities in Balochistan.




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Bashir, S., Zia , M. F., & Abrar, N. (2020). Social Work Practice with Local Communities in Balochistan: Essential for Political Engagement. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 11(2), 157–172.