Community Development Programs For Socio-Economic Development In Pakistan


  • Siraj Bashir Department of Social Work, University of Karachi
  • Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah Department Social Work & Women’s Studies University of Karachi



Community development program is defined as the set of programs and policies designed to improve the socio-economic condition and also use the existing resources in better way. It is an organized process where member’s efforts of a community can be joined with the collaboration of government departments and non-governmental organizations to improve and evolve community socially, economically and culturally. In Pakistan, the first community development program was introduced in 1951 with the establishment of pilot project in Karachi, by the federal government. Since 1951 till today various community development programs have been implemented by government and non-government organizations (NGOs) to improve the living standard of people. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the impact and contribution of community development programs for socio-economic development in Pakistan. The research study endeavored to analyze the social and economical impacts of these programs on the communities where the programs were implemented. The study included interviews with government officials, NGOs staff and beneficiaries in the field. The findings of study shows that programs in general have positive impacts and appreciated but a lot of work are needed to be done for the welfare of whole society. The recommendations were made as to the best practices of community development programs for policy makers and NGOs to improve the living standard of people in the country.




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Bashir, S., & Shah, N. A. (2017). Community Development Programs For Socio-Economic Development In Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 6(1), 131–148.




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