Psycho Social Consequences Of Broken Homes On Children: A Study Of Divorced, Separated, Deserted And Blended Families


  • Ayesha Gul Department of Social Work Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University
  • Dr Muhammad Nadeemullah Department of Social Work, University of Karachi



Home is the first and instantaneous unit for every child. He or she is born into and consider as a full member of the home. Home is a recognized group of people who are joined together by marriage. Children from broken families are about five times more likely to suffer damaging mental problems than those whose parents are together. I have selected this topic because it’s a main social issue now days. Since the divorce rate is increasing rapidly, it affects the whole life of individual. The purpose of this research is to trace the effects of broken homes on the psycho, social and academic performances of a child. The researcher practiced snowball sampling in order to get through to their respondents. The total respondents on which this research is done are 170 children under the age group 10 to 18 year and selected through simple probability sampling with use of snowball sampling technique from four of the secondary schools with the help of Questionnaire and Interview Schedule. The study found the situation that the ratio avoid to go school and low grades of girls is higher than boys due to financial burdens as girls engage themselves in different income resources to overcome the financial crises. Study also found that due to aggressive nature, the boy often tend towards disobedience and suffers from anxiety after a series of hopeless thoughts towards tackling the different challenges. The study recommended it is possible to have healthy, adjusted kids after a divorce, and it is also possible to have a solid relationship with your children with lots of time together after divorce. And family researches should be conducted, so the psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and economists can more work over divorce and its consequences and for the betterment of the society.




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Gul, A., & Nadeemullah, M. (2017). Psycho Social Consequences Of Broken Homes On Children: A Study Of Divorced, Separated, Deserted And Blended Families. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 6(1), 17–36.




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