Leadership Styles Of Women Entrepreneurs: An Exploratory Study At SME Sector At Karachi


  • Dr Farooq-e-Azam Cheema Deaprtment of BManagment Sciences, Bahria University Karachi Campus
  • Dr Tayyaba Zarif Department of Education, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University
  • Aziz –un–Nisa Department of Education, University of Karachi




This study is an exploratory, based on leadership styles of women entrepreneurs in the SME Sector, of Karachi with an interpretive approach. The data has been collected through primary and secondary sources via in depth interviews and questionnaires on leadership styles The focus is on exploring their dominant leadership styles, influencing employees to achieve efficacy in their organizations. The study reveals that women entrepreneurs generated innovative business systems and culture which is based on their unique leadership styles that led to their success in the SME sector. The common denominators of success among these women were constant across the nature of business; size of the organization; industry; age; educational level; family support; and, previous work experience. The factors that basis to their success mainly are their shared personality traits of being hardworking, determined, dedicated, modest, challenge seekers, trend setters, motivated, innovative, multi-tasking and employee retention. The styles of leadership based on Robert Galford theory namely; ambassador, advocate, creative builder, truth seeker, experienced guide, people mover, revealed the veracity of their skills in leadership. The findings of study have a positive connotation and it will be beneficial for training and guiding of upcoming women entrepreneurs.




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Cheema, F.- e-A., Zarif, T., & Nisa, A. –un–. (2016). Leadership Styles Of Women Entrepreneurs: An Exploratory Study At SME Sector At Karachi. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 4(1), 19–34. https://doi.org/10.46568/pjass.v4i1.294