An Impact Study Of Social Networking Websites On The Youth In Our Society


  • Dr Sumera Ishrat Department of Social Work, University of Karachi



The study focused to evaluate the trend of usage of social networking websites among the youth of our society and explore its impacts on their personal, academic and social life. Multistage sampling was adopted to collect data from the youth studying in University of Karachi. The sample consisted of 121 randomly selected respondents. The findings of the study indicated that the respondents use social networking websites only for interacting purpose rather than enhancement of knowledge. Respondents admitted that they had bad experiences during this practice. In spite of the frequent usage of these websites respondents wanted to send proper time on their academic activities, social gathering and their hobbies as well. The study concluded that the youth should be cautious in uploading their personal information on these websites. Parents should engage their children in family events, share experiences and discussing their issues to minimize the usage of social networking. On the other hand Government should take precautionary measures to save the potential, skills and above all the future of nation’s youth.




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Ishrat, S. (2015). An Impact Study Of Social Networking Websites On The Youth In Our Society. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 2(1), 73–87.