Management Related Issues Of NGOs In District Bahawalpur, Pakistan


  • Asif Naveed Ranjha Dpartment of Social Work The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Dr Muhammad Nadeemullah Department of Social Work University of Karachi
  • Dr Muhammad Arshad Deparetment of Social Work , University of Karachi



Increasing roles of non-government organizations in the solution of social problems and development have got importance worldwide. Thousands of NGOs provide different kind of needed services to people in Pakistan. NGOs working for the solution of social problems face various types of challenges which include specific management problems to run organizations’ matters. This research was conducted to explore management related problems of NGOs in District Bahawalpur. Majority of respondent NGOs among selected sample of 116 reported that lack of financial resources not only creates but also increases management problems of local level NGOs. The research also found other internal and external management issues including lack of staff, untrained staff, no assistance and guidance of NGOs from concerned government departments, untrained executive body members, no interest of executive body members in development projects or their extra interference in NGOs matters, no ability of project designing and embezzlement in NGOs’ finances. This research recommends NGOs to hire trained and hardworking staff, design better projects, manage funds in a better way and make financial matters transparent. Also, government should guide, train and fund local level NGOs considering their importance.




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Ranjha, A. N., Nadeemullah, M., & Arshad, M. (2015). Management Related Issues Of NGOs In District Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 2(1), 1–18.




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