The Sketches of 20th Century biographers in Urdu literature


  • Dr. Muhammad Sajid Khan Department of Urdu University of Karachi



Biography, Branches (Varieties Species), Sketches of Personalities, Biography of Twentieth Century


Biographies and Pen-Sketches are two separate branches and lots of these two are available in Urdu Literature as well as writings about these two categories but this article is an effort to find sketches of personalities related to the authors of biographies without whom the author's personality cant be revealed fully. These people may be the author's relatives, friends, peers, observers and other persons who has been with him/her at various stages of author's life. Amongst them may be their parents, children, spouse and other relatives as well as other in the same profession. A good biographer takes are of all the aspects, requirements and dimensions from start to end of an autobiography. A person is central to an autobiography can't be highlighted completely unless different aspects of his/her life are described with reference to other related people. This article focuses on the personalities around the central-to-a-biograpgy person and describes them in the light of various biographies in which he/she is talked about. To support this argument, examples are also taken from the biographies written after the selected biography so that it can be proved that biographers can also tell the importance of presented sketches of other personalities. Although these sketches are not written with any such plan, as compared to formal pen sketches, even then these can be considered important and complete to some extent and are comparable to pen sketches.




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