An analysis of the writings of female short story writers of Pakistan


  • Dr. Rahat Afshan Department of Urdu University of Karachi



Pakistan, Female Narrator, Novelist


The age of Short Stories in Urdu may be shorter than other branches of Urdu literature, but even though of its short-lived life, but the success and accomplishments of short stories is unlike any other form of the Urdu Literature. There is no doubt in the fact that Urdu Short Stories may have a root from English Literature, but our Writers of the short stories included the country and society and hence the true identity of the short stories came up to the surface. The way the female writers of Urdu Short Stories highlighted the new topics with new techniques is beyond compare and deserves appraise. They have presented their feelings and emotions in a way unique and new manner, which highlights the reference of their specific thinking, and they presented it in a highly spontaneous manner. Through their Short Stories, they have highlighted the presence of Women, their Value, their mental and emotional complexities, their needs and their silences are voiced. The women writers not only through their abilities to discover wrote about the political and societal difficulties, rights and equalities, women issues and against the cultural mindsets, but also through their works, they highlighted the time to time changing aspects of life. We are rightful to say this that the women taking part in the success and development of the Short Stories in Urdu Literature. Looking at their thoughts, it is not difficult to say that in the upcoming times, the women short story writers and their new and unique thoughts will account for the success of this branch of Urdu Literature.




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Afshan, R. (2019). An analysis of the writings of female short story writers of Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 10(1), 1–46.