Consequences Of Drug Abuse On Spouses Of Drug Addicts In Karachi


  • Dr.Syeda Farhana Sarfaraz Department of Social Work, University of Karachi



The issue of drug addiction or abuse is often over shadowed by the many of the human development problem such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of basic health care. But the fact is drug abuse is rapidly growingly in Pakistan and South Asia in general. Pakistan is the worst victim of narcotics trade in South Asia region. According to an estimate about 20 tons of heroin consume with in Pakistan annually. One addict in a family affects several other members the number of people suffering directly or indirectly runs into many more millions. This is a fastest growing problem which cuts across class, rural, urban, provincial and religious boundaries. A number of socio-economic problems, large disparities between income groups, poverty, corruption, lack of political will and above all easy access to drugs are known to be linked to drug abuse and crime. In fact it is a problem of social disorganization with multidimensional implication on the individual and other family members. The overall purpose of the study was to examine the consequences of drugs abuse on spouses of the drug uses in contemporary society. The problem of drug abuse and drug trafficking has assumed transnational character in recent years and no nation can claim to be free from this issue.




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