Empowerment Of Women Through Information And Communication Technology [ICT]


  • S. M. Khalid Jamal Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi




Our world has seen enormous improvements in mobile telephony, the internet, and ebusiness. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) play a critical and core role in today’s society. All over the world nations have recognized information and communication Technology (ICT) as a powerful tool in accelerating the economic activity, efficient governance and developing human resources. Whether it’s the electronic form of conducting business or social/professional networking over the World Wide Web, ICT has proved that it is a basic requirement for social and economic development. To increase the flow of Information and improving communications and to increase possibilities and opportunities, ICT infrastructure is a rudimentary need. ICT has proved that it is one of the major difference between developed and developing countries. Take for example India. India has achieved the status of the world’s 4th biggest economy, major fraction of which is basically IT driven. The information and communication technology could be used to empower the Women in Pakistan by making the resources available to them at home, where a nearby area / residential based environment could be created for working at home where they could fulfill their home based liabilities as well.




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Jamal, S. M. K. (2012). Empowerment Of Women Through Information And Communication Technology [ICT]. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 6(1), 143–157. https://doi.org/10.46568/pjgs.v6i1.406