Impact Of Internet In Education And Social Empowerment Of Women In Pakistan


  • Dr.M. Sadiq Ali Khan Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi



The Internet is one of the utmost current expansions in the globe of information technology and has turn into a functional apparatus that has cultivated the course of making the globe a worldwide community. Information Technology fulfils the communication gap and ensures the effective distance learning. Due to information technology the thought process of the person, especially in the education sector has been changed. People now are well aware of all the important technological aspects which can help them in their research area by means of strong search engines, research based tools and efficient analysis techniques. The medium is especially useful for empowerment of women in developing countries. The purpose of this research is to explore the impact of Internet usage on women in Pakistan. The result of study revealed that women in Pakistan are actively using the Internet for education, research and social interaction which gives them more active role in relatively a conservative society.




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Khan, M. S. A. (2012). Impact Of Internet In Education And Social Empowerment Of Women In Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 6(1), 75–84.