Women’s Role In Informal Sector In Hyderabad


  • Shazia Shahab Sheikh Department of Media & Communication Studies University of Sindh
  • Abida Hafeez Applied Economics Research Center University of Karachi
  • Abdul Hameed Mallah Women Empowerment Program SAFWCO




The aim of the study is to find out how much women are contributing in the household’s budget in slum areas of Hyderabad district. A sample comprised of 200 women workers. They were randomly selected in four slum areas in Hyderabad district including: Parytabad, Ghera coloni (Latifabaf unit 9), Haliroad and Qasmabad. A close ended questionnaire technique was used and data was analyzed through SPSS (version 18). The findings show that about 48% of single status women have more than an average contribution in income generation. It has revealed that women earn less than Rs.5000 per month in the slum areas of Hyderabad. They give extensive time to their work for generating more income. On the basis of results, this study concludes that females were facing multiple problems such as illiteracy, lack of technical skills, less income and less opportunity, etc. These findings are enough for the policy makers and government to formulate policy in informal sector concern to women.




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Sheikh, S. S., Hafeez, A., & Mallah, A. H. (2017). Women’s Role In Informal Sector In Hyderabad. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 14(1), 181–193. https://doi.org/10.46568/pjgs.v14i1.148